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D12 - WEST END WOOL - Broadway Showtime 23

D12 - WEST END WOOL - Broadway Showtime 23

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Embrace the sophistication of the city lights with our "West End Wool" ensemble, a masterpiece that marries tradition and contemporary elegance. The embroidered karandi shirt, adorned with intricate silk applique on the front, exudes timeless charm and artistic allure. Paired with an embroidered karandi shawl featuring delicate crochet lace finishings, this ensemble is a celebration of exquisite craftsmanship and refined style.

Package Details:

Embroidered karandi front
Embroidered karandi back
Dyed karandi sleeves
Embroidered silk applique for front border
Embroidered sleeves border
Embroidered lace for side slits
Embroidered lace front and back daman
Embroidered karandi shawl
Embroidered lace for shawl
Dyed karandi trouser
Crochet lace for finishing 1
Crochet lace for finishing - 2
Tassel for neckline
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